Zombie Haiku

My wife has been asking why I haven't posted a zombie haiku yet.  I guess I'm kind of bored with them now.  Zombies are yesterday's news.  Now it's all about shiny vampires.  I guess I should however finish out the year so here goes.

Looking at my hand,
Somehow I lost a finger
and gained some maggots.

Zombie Haiku

So I missed yet another month.  I'm getting tired of the Zombie Haikus as many just don't work outside the context of the book.  That and I'm probably violating copyrights or something like that.  Just a few more months I guess and then I'll have to find some new monthly thing to do.    I had a guest editor, Becky, pick the one for this month.

I keep saying "brains."
I remember other words, 
But I just need one.

New addiction = Minecraft

Some of my friends have pointed out that I am late to the party since this game got huge a while back but I see it more like been brought over to the dark side. This game has oft been described as being like digital LEGOs. More like digital crack cocaine! Basically everything in this game world is made up by 1 meter blocks. You can mine (hence the title), explore, farm, hunt, and BUILD. My friend at work set up a server and we are all really getting into it. Personally I like building things (hence the earlier all caps on the word) and can't stop thinking about new structures and contraptions I want to make. I now understand what all the hype was about.

It's so much fun to think things up and make them. Even with simplistic graphics everything looks neat and has a charm to it. Add to that lots of mods, private servers, multiplayer, and basic circuit logic and this really scream to the nerd inside of me. So far I've played a few days and have made some pretty cool stuff. One friend likes to dig so it's neat just walking through the massive caverns he's carved. Others just build random junk. It's really hard to explain the appeal to non-nerds but I'll try with some screenshots.

Early on I was tired of trying to figure out what each block type looked like. Going online over and over was annoying as well so I just built a reference wall:

<span class=Photobucket">

After a couple failed ideas I finally settled on a modest tower for my home base. And by modest I mean gigantic monstrosity made from diamond ore (yeah I know it's not a metal but the game doesn't) and glass:

<span class=Photobucket">

And if that still doesn't appeal to you keep in mind there are also puppies!

<span class=Photobucket">

Zombie makeup day

So I kind of missed last month and really haven't posted much of anything lately. I figure to make up for it (not really) I'd do a double dose of zombie haikus. That and I will hopefully post more next month as well.

To George Romero:
Because of you. I'm screwed up.
Thanks for your movies.


Brains, brains, brains, brains, brains!
Brains, brains, brains, brains, brains, brains, brains!
Artificial hip?

Math Fail!

This is unfortunately the sad state of math in this country

Oh and for those who are yet not aware, these Facebook surveys are giant chain letters. If you answer one, everyone on your friends list gets the survey as if you sent it. So guess what? Your friends are not cleaning our their friends lists, so there is absolutely no need to answer that survey and freak out.


So Dallas just won it all this year. I really wasn't invested in either team but it was nice they could get their ring finally. Part of me was rooting for the Heat as well. I really wanted to see if those 3 could actually pull it off the first year. As expected they didn't quite do it but if they all can stay healthy next year may be their time. So in honor of Dallas I figured I'd post some LeBron jokes.

A guy hands LeBron a $1 bill and asks for some change. LeBron gives him 75 cents and says, "Sorry I don't have a 4th quarter."

Why does LeBron keep his phone on vibrate? Because he doesn't have any rings!

The city of Dallas has just announced tomorrow is LeBron James' day! Everyone gets to leave work 12 minutes early.

Oh an just as a parting thought. I was looking at horrible video game footage today and this basketball gem from the Sega CD look good enough to share:


Some may have noticed that my spinning fetus app on the right side has been missing of late. Apparently the person who coded it hasn't been up-keeping it as blogger has updated and it no longer works properly. It was always buggy anyway but I guess it was too far gone for Google to allow it on my blog anymore.

Now I have fishies! They will follow your cursor and eat the food you drop where you click. Yay fishies.


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